Musculoskeletal Imaging is a subspeciality of Radiology that looks at Joints, Muscles, Nerves and Bones. It encompasses Sports Imaging and Imaging of Degenerative changes in the body. 

Sports imaging is an area of radiology which caters for athletes of all shapes and sizes, ranging from competitors, recreational runners, and people who simply wish to improve their general fitness. Sports Imaging focuses on Musculoskeletal Imaging and interventional techniques.

Sporting injuries are generally divided into two main groups:

- Those which are due to repetitive action or overuse, such as tendinosis, arthritis and stress fractures

- Those which are traumatic, such as a shoulder dislocation, or fracture

Besides sports injuries, musculoskeletal imaging encompasses the examination of degenerative wear and tear changes in joints, tendons, muscles and bones.

We also have a focus on nerve injury and nerve entrapment.

Reform Radiology have radiologists that are experts in this field. Expertise includes musculoskeletal ultrasound, musculoskeletal MRI and pain management interventional techniques. Reform Radiology combines state of the art technology and experience to deliver images and protocols giving each patient and their referrer the best possible imaging and diagnosis in this specialised field.