At Reform Radiology, we want to provide you with the best experience and all the information you need. You can access your examination images and report on our Patient Portal. Once your examination has been completed, you can request access to your images. You will be emailed a link to conveniently and securely access your examination online.

Please note that although reports are typically completed within 24-48 hours of your examination, the report will only be made available on the Patient Portal seven days after the imaging has occured. This allows any critical results to be communicated with the referring clinician prior to patients attempting to interpret the results themselves. Medical reports can often have confusing terminology and referrers are the most appropriate people to convey results to their patients.

Below is a screenshot of the Patient Portal user experience.

If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to contact our friendly team on 03 962 5700 or email us on [email protected]



       Reform Radiology Patient Portal Interface